Embracing the Unknown

We don’t know what the future holds. I am a natural born doer + planner – in work + life. I often find myself constantly thinking about the future. The anxiety can be crippling. Here are 3 tools I use to help me stay grounded.

1)   Protect “Me” Time. I regularly carve out time to rest + recharge. Every other week, I have appointments for acupuncture + massage therapy. These are nonnegotiable. We so often put others’ needs in front of ours.  Long term, this is not sustainable.

2)   Take Small Steps. I think about what tiny action items I can tackle to move toward my goals. Can I make a quick phone call? Do some research? Take a quick 30-minute run? Respond to an email? Achievements take time, focus + determination. Patience is a quality that I work on everyday – understanding that our to-do list will always exist.

3)   Practice Mindfulness. I pause, take a deep breath + bring my awareness into the present moment. How does the earth feel beneath my feet? What do I notice around me – sounds, smells, sights? This allows me to arrive in the moment + come home to my body. Full, deep breaths.

Remember, paying attention to the present moment can help ground us + reduce stress/anxiety. It’s a practice that requires consistency. No one knows what the future holds. We only have control over our own actions + behaviors. We simply do the best we can with what we have. Be sure to sweep away the excuses, they can hold us back. Believe you can + you will.