Stay the Course.

A full circle moment…Beyond energized to share this news…

In March, I started teaching fitness at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Center. This opportunity has been in the works since last summer. Though I’ve been planting the seed for years.

I will be starting a young adult program for cancer patients + thrivers. My dream + goal – classes, workshops + community events. This is so needed. Something that I wish excited when I was a patient recovering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, when I was 23 to 25 years old.

MSK is a large institution + it can be tough to start something new. I had reached out to the Integrative Medicine team for years – the timing simply wasn’t right. And I stayed the course. The stars finally aligned when I met with the administrator, Dr. Mao, in September of last year. The opportunity truly felt surreal. I am so excited by this next adventure + challenge. My heart knows there is a young adult community waiting for something like this. I’ll stay the course + we will build this brick by brick. What a true dream.

At the moment, I am working at MSK on Monday’s – with the idea that more time will be added once this program gets going. I’d love to hear your thoughts + ideas – please do share!