Last week, I met a new friend in CT, a freelance writer + breast cancer survivor, who -- after a long marriage -- went through a divorce last year. She noticed my MSKCC tattoo + said, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo in the SAME SPOT on my wrist! I asked her, what are you thinking? “A wave” she replied emphatically. And we dove in.

Let’s call my new friend, Susan. Susan told me how life is tough + you have to keep moving forward. Through all the waves – the good + the bad. You simply have to learn how to ride the wave.

This got me thinking about the ability to be flexible + fluid – with all of the curveballs that happen in this life. “Riding the wave” has been such a strong theme for me this year – with my shoulder injury, purchasing our first home, my ectopic pregnancy, mom’s major back surgery + my hubby Russ starting a new job. There have been lots of bumps + transitions. I haven’t been feeling all that grounded – and to be honest, I’ve felt a little lost.

How do I spread my energy + efforts – in both CT + NYC? We are sharing the time at the moment. I want to build business + community up in CT – but also adore my tribe in NYC. It’s difficult for me to envision how my life will look in the future. The event planner in me always wants to have a timeline! I’ve been patiently learning the art of fluidity. Embracing the unknown – with a delicate balance of still putting coals in the fire to keep the goodness flowing.

Currently, I feel like the waves are knocking me down. But nothing beats putting your feet strongly back in the sand + standing back up – stronger than before. Who’s with me? I know Susan is.