E-Biking + Planking in the French Alps!

E-Biking + Planking in the French Alps!

We were in France cruising down this giant mountain on our e-bikes (before I hopped off for this plank photo!). And I kept talking about how incredible the views were + how blessed we were to be in this moment. A fellow retreat friend, Sandra, squealed with excitement, THIS IS LIFE! Indeed it was.

The time in the Alps was really rejuvenating. Connecting back with nature truly helped my soul. It’s been a tough few months. If you’ve been reading along, you know the story. I’ve been trying to be really patient with my body + mind as they bounce back from our ectopic pregnancy. I find the sadness comes in waves + I’ll randomly find myself crying, unsure of what triggered the tears. There still is this sense of loss, but we are confident we will have a little one someday.

In the meantime, I’ve been soaking up the magic of the summer + enjoying life. The idea of, THIS IS LIFE, reminds me everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures.


Warm hugs.

Fresh coffee.

Joyful smiles.

Ability to move.

Good friends.

Good family.

Lovers of life.

Learning new things.


The list goes on. Traveling encourages me to live in the moment + helps me to immerse myself in my surroundings. I simply adore it. The exploring. The learning. The adventure.

I hope you start this beautiful fall season with the theme, THIS IS LIFE. Savoring the simple pleasure life moments.