Life can get tough. Sticky. Rocky. Email me your mailing address + I'll send you a card full of sunshine. No questions asked, all love. I got you. I can understand some of the hurdles we experience in life + here's why I think support is so important to healing. 

Simply put, we feel less alone. When we can crack ourselves open to our friends + family, it opens up the path for us to support one another. We are humans who experience the high’s + low’s of life. Surrounding yourself with people who “get it” — no questions ask — are the ones worth investing your time + energy.

When we can share the tough parts of life, we can step in to simply show up for each other. Visits, cards, calls, texts, gifts — and more. These boosts of kindness help us move through life’s challenges. Even when we don’t think possibly anyone can understand — and perhaps they really can’t — our friends + family will be there for us unconditionally, if we let them.

Remember, shoot me a note with your mailing address ( — and a surprise will arrive in your mailbox! Lifting you up.