As a professional event planner, I truly love to plan! Go figure. Time really slipped away from me this month as I have been trying to stay afloat -- balancing work flow along with life hurdles. So it's 7:27pm in NY, but 1:27am in Paris. But I'm committed to sending this beautiful love note to you all within the first few days of the month. 

In the land of Lauren, surrender + acceptance walk hand-in-hand; like best buds. When challenges arise, those are the true tests of your strength + character. There are some tough dynamics that I cannot control + I truly try to arrive with my two pals; surrender + acceptance. I understand what I can + can't do. What is within my control.

I can control my attitude + actions + positive spirit. Even when I feel like shit; guess what; I pull myself out of it + show up for my community. I adore you all + it's so important for me to provide you with warm hugs + smiles. I hope they help you as much as they help me.

Lifting you up from Paris! Off we go to the French Alps for an epic Active Travel + Simply Luxury retreat with my pal Karen - who I teamed up for my Heart, Soul + Barre retreat last July in Bali.

Je t'aime!