Take the Risk.

Chi Chi Life celebrated 3 years last month. GIDDYUP! And over these years, I’ve taken many risks. Some have worked out. Some flopped.  I firmly believe in the power of taking risks – that leap of faith. You know, when your heart starts to beat faster – and you start to doubt your decision. This is why I think it’s all worth it.

1)   You grow. If you didn’t take a chance, you wouldn’t have the chance to grow. I never feel like any new risk or leap of faith is a waste. I use it as a building block to my next challenge.

2)   You learn. Each experience teaches me valuable lessons. Sometimes the nuggets of wisdom are more obvious than others. Nonetheless, I approach each phase of my business (+ life!) with an open mind + heart.

3)   You ignite change. When you take risks – it can be infectious. One of my hopes with Chi Chi Life is to inspire others to live their best lives. Life is tough – and when we can be vulnerable + share, I believe we can help each other.

What was the last risk you took? How’d it work out?