Less But Better.

I’m in the depths of reading a pretty life-changing book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It’s all about the philosophy of “less but better”. Which goes against the grain a bit. We think we can do it all. We’re pretty conditioned to think more is better. More clients. More events. More classes. More money. This will all lead to more success. More of nearly anything will make us the happiest, right? After reading even the first few chapters, I realize I’ve been sorely mistaken.

There are 4 clear parts to this book.

  • Part 1: Essence, what is the core mid-set of an essentialist?
    • To kick off, the author talks through the power of choice, the unimportance of practically everything + examining trade-offs.
  • Part 2: Explore, how can we discern the trivial many from the vital few?
    • Now we’re in it. McKeown discusses the perks of being unavailable, assessing what really matters, the importance of play + sleep and finally, the power of extreme criteria.
  • Part 3: Eliminate, how can we cut out the trivial many?
    • We then cull through the non-essentials. The author shares the power of clarity + a graceful “no”. He goes on to highlight the benefits of uncommitting + setting boundaries.
  • Part 4: Execute, how can we make doing the vital few things almost effortless?
    • Here’s the time to take action. McKeown talks about removing obstacles, the power of small wins + the genius of routine. Focusing on what’s important now is vital.

Overall, the takeaway is that Essentialism is a lifestyle – and it takes work and oodles of mindful choices to sustain the philosophy. But here’s the good news – there are loads of benefits including improved clarity + added joy in the journey of LIFE!

This is going to be a big theme for me + Chi Chi Life as I ease into 2018. What are your intentions / goals / hopes / dreams for 2018? I can't wait to hear!