Show Up.

I’ve always loved being on a team. The camaraderie, collaboration, the common goal – working together to make magic happen. Two heads are better than one. Since joining the fitness world, one of my favorite aspects is the teamwork + the willingness to help each other out. In difficult times + in exciting times, I often wonder if people understand the sheer magnificence of showing up. Life isn’t easy + showing up for one another is so vital to surviving this rollercoaster. Here’s why.

1)   When you show up for someone, that person feels SUPPORTED. I recently had my audition class for Pilates at FLEX Studios, and nearly all of my fellow trainees showed up. Even if I messed up, I knew I had an entire cheerleading squad on my side ready to lift me up. By simply showing up, you’ve expressed you care + are rooting for that human.

2)   When you show up for someone, that person feels LOVED. When I was in the midst of my 6-week stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, my sister organized a blood drive – dozens of family, friends + even friends of friends showed up in Manhattan to donate blood + platelets for me. Because people disrupted their schedule + carved out time to trek to MSKCC, I knew I was deeply loved.

3)   When you show up for someone, that person feels VALUED. Everyone has different passions + interests. Since working within the fitness space, I’ve met so many incredible creative, talented performing artists – singing, dancing, acting – you name it. Even if I’m not intrinsically SUPER into what the person is up to, I stay curious. I show up to their shows / performances – their passion for their purpose in life is so contagious + inspiring. My hope by showing up is to let them know that their craft is valued.

I invite you to: Stay curious. Show up. For Support. For Love. For Value. Keep on shining your light bright so that others may shine on right next to you – together as a team.