Surround Yourself with Life-Lovers.

Last Saturday, I married my best friend -- a fellow Life-Lover. We had the most magical weekend ever. The energy was electric + I have never felt so loved. The entire celebration was filled with dancing, feasting, laughter + endless joy. Even before I got sick, I was a life-lover but recently, I only seek out meeting other Life-Lovers + here’s why.

Life-Lovers will help you:

·      Grow + Learn:  I love meeting new people with different passions + background. When people are passionate about something, there’s an excitement that sparks a fire in your soul, too… don’t ya think?

·      Push Yourself Past Your Comfort Zone: Fellow Life-Lovers will encourage you to try new things, even if you’re afraid + unsure. When we try new things, our world is limitless.

·      Stay Positive: Everyday is not sunshine + roses but I firmly believe attitude is integral to the trajectory of your life. If you have a positive attitude + get rid of the negative chatter in your mind, you may surprise yourself to see how much magic you attract. I truly have no room or patience for negativity in my life. My friendships have changed over the years because of this.

·      Think Why Not? In his wedding speech, my dad mentioned that before taking on a new challenge – I never ask “Why?” My approach is always “Why Not?” Believe you can + you will. Dream it + then go + do it. It may take longer than you think. You may fail, but oh gosh – that’s where the goodness lies. I promise you.

Join me + other Life-Lovers at this month’s #ChiChiSweatSesh in Central Park – you have TWO JUICY chances before #ChiChiSweatSesh retires for the winter:

THURS 9/8 + WED 9/21

$20. Recruit 2 friends + you attend for FREE.

Sign up here.

I hope to see you at one of them! Lots of love. Cheers to you, my fellow Life-Lover!