Cultivate Community + Connection

Since I started teaching fitness, my most favorite part has been community + connection. As the person who stands in front of the room leading others, I have a magnificent  + unique opportunity to impact lives – in mind, body + spirit.  I’ve always been a connector who loves to build community. My students are the best! Recently, my fiancé, Russ, teased me, as I was hopeful he would make it across town quickly without traffic saying, “You’re a dreamer” + my response was: “Is there any other way to be?”

My ideas usually start with “well, why not?”  From a super young age – and I have my parents to thank – I always believed anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  Time + dedication = you will get there. 

After a summer internship as an Auditor, I quickly realized that role was not the career for me. I graduated college with my Accounting degree + was a bit stumped as to what should come next. I looked at how I spent my time outside the classroom -- volunteering, fundraising + planning events. Then, someone told me more about the nonprofit world + told me about how organizations have “development” departments. Wait. I could actually plan awesome events in which people pay to attend to support a mission? And make a living?  I treasured the time that people gave me to share their insight + knowledge into the field.  I didn’t know much, so I was like a sponge.  Over the years, I have informally + formally mentored many young rockstars in + out of college. I love to give people a chance, an opportunity to take the steps needed to move toward their passion.  I remember my eager spirit + I feel blessed that I can give back to others in that way.

Over the past few years, I’ve met incredible teachers + the seed was planted for #ChiChiSweatSesh to further cultivate community + connection.  Bringing together like-minded people literally lifts me up. At #ChiChiSweatSesh, we move our bodies + enjoy a potluck picnic post-workout.  It’s super fun with everyone swapping recipes + stories – learning + growing by sharing knowledge.  I’d love for YOU to join us for the AUGUST #ChiChiSweatSesh in Central Park – details below.

Wednesday, August 10th at 7:15PM: Barreless Barre with Jessica Bailey @sassygirlfit

Wednesday, August 17th at 7:00PM: FLEXPilates on the Mat with Jenn Seracuse benefitting Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. @jennseracuse