Open Your Heart.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been open + honest. This used to get me in trouble at school when I was super vocal in class + shared my opinion perhaps not the most diplomatic way.  I used to think that my audacity was both a blessing + a curse but now I truly see it as a blessing - as this trait has cracked open my heart + the hearts of others. Here’s why.

We are so much more alike than we often think. Strip away our financial status, race and gender – and you’ll find that we all have basic human needs.  And when we are open + honest + share, we connect.  We need a strong community to survive + thrive.  Teaching has allowed me to build beautiful relationships and hold space for others.  When we speak of struggles and endeavors that set our souls on fire, we have the amazing opportunity to be vulnerable + grow.

In the studio, my students share their ups + downs of life – from engagements and pregnancies to injuries and miscarriages.  I hear it all + I feel honored.  My heart is always so open …like, I literally want to hug everyone I meet…and sometimes do!  Ultimately, I want to ease people’s pain. We show up (in class, in life, in wherever) because we know we can depend on each other.  My students lift me up. I keep my class tough but light. I love class participation. And when my students make some noise (in whatever capacity!) – I know they are alive.  My latest favorite line is: “You have to MOVE IT to CHANGE IT!”

Recently, I shared my experience with cancer to the entire exhale community (and 300,000+ people on their mailing list around the world!) in the hopes of making someone’s life easier. We all have our own challenges. Mine happened to be cancer + I came out on the other side.  We face so many different challenges in life + when we provide support, we have the ability to shine bright together.

So, I encourage you today + everyday to open your heart – maybe even just a tiny bit – then, sit back + watch the magnificence of life unfold.

From the core,

Lauren @ChiChiLifeNYC