One of my favorite people, Marie Forleo, ends her Q&A Tuesday videos with the same quote each week that I literally have memorized by now -- “Stay on your game + keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”  In a world where everyone can easily voice their thoughts + feelings, we can often wonder if our voice is being heard.  I have to believe it all matters + here’s why…

We are all unique, individual human beings. Yes, we may have some similarities but we all bring something different to the table. I remember when my first thought of teaching fitness came to mind + immediately rebuffed my thought with – “why me?”

After oodles of marinating on the idea of teaching, the light bulb finally went off – “well, why NOT me?”. I care. I want to help others. I am a giver.  I pour my soul into everything I do. At my very core, I simply want to make others lives better. Through my career as a fundraiser + event planner, I’ve given the gift of memorable experiences to people who gather together for a cause. Ultimately the benefit is for charity – ranging from cancer research to social service programs to global health issues.  With my role as a teacher, I am able to share my passion for life to inspire others to create change in their lives.

Even though there are days when I am exhausted + I beat myself up for taking on too much work, I honestly cannot imagine it any other way.  Afterall, I have Marie in my head saying “stay on your game”…”the world needs that special gift that only you have”.  When my students tell me how much they love my energy, it literally melts my heart.  I’ve passed on the passion + zest for health + wellness + living life for it’s fullest. And I can lay my head on the pillow at night with a full heart.