You're Doing a Great Job.

Often times, our efforts can go unnoticed or under appreciated. You get to work early, you feel like you're going above + beyond in your day-to-day, you are kind + compassionate, you are showing up brightly for your friends + family -- I could go on. For me, I know it can feel overwhelming at times.

When life feels this way, I like to take an energy audit. How am I spending my time? What might be more nourishing? What can I cut out that isn’t serving me? I love to be in go-go-go mode — it can be tough for me to shut off because I always feel like there is more to do. More learning to be done. More people to help + reach.

Please know that your efforts are seen. Don’t give up on the kindness + compassion. Don’t give up on shining bright in this world. If you’re feeling a bit burnt out, take a step back. Say no more often. Make sure you are taking time for yourself: reading, exercising, cooking, wandering, playing. Those are important to make time for as well — but are often the first to go.

If you notice someone is doing a great job. Tell them. Be sure to let them know that they are being seen. A simple thank you can go a long way.

You’re doing a great job.