3, 2 and 1. Finish Strong!

I talked about this concept recently on my Instagram @ChiChiLifeNYC + it resonated with many. As we counted down the end of the year, I reflected on the concept of finishing strong.

As a fitness teacher + movement devotee, I’ve been noticing how, during class, the “and 1” at the end of a countdown often gets lost. I wonder how many 1 second finishes I’ve been missing all these years. It may seem small, but I’ve been bringing my awareness to finishing the “3, 2 and 1” sets super strong. It’s easy to just roll over at the end, especially with just 1 second left.

But what if you continued to push ALL the way to the end. Each second is an opportunity to make a change, each day is a fresh slate to follow through — to the “and 1”.

Stay strong, I’m right there with you.