Keep Moving Forward.

This year has been pretty tough – shoulder injury, ectopic pregnancy + my mom’s back surgery. The outpouring of support has been so heart warming. I truly don’t know if I could navigate these life hurdles without my community – so thank you for being you. I’ve learned, once again, the importance of moving forward.

There have been so many days – past + current – when I don’t want to face the day. I’ve struggled both body + mind. But I have been keeping the blind faith. I stand so rooted in my belief of consistency. Doing what you can. One foot in front of the other. I keep saying to my mom – step by step. It’s so darm true. During recovery – and in life – we simply take small steps to move forward toward our goals.

I’ve often felt like a fish out of water – flailing + flopping around. I go back to exercise. It lifts me up when I am down. Despite being in worst shape I’ve been in since I started Chi Chi Life – I am trying to be kind to myself. I’ve always been extremely hard on myself + I’ve gotten better over the years. I remind myself of what I can control. I choose my outlook + my actions – not the situations / moments that happen. And I choose positivity + being of service to others.

Even when I’m in the depths of life hurdles, I strongly believe that it’s important to keep moving forward. I have a deep drive to squeeze the juice out of life. Each day is a gift + we can choose to focus on gratitude. There is always something going on in our days + lives that we can be grateful for.

Right before bed, Russ + I ask each other what we are grateful for? We share tiny + giant moments. We set the tone for sleep on a high from the day -- and the commitment to keep moving forward. How do you move forward each day?