Be A *ucking Super Star!

A few years ago, my friend bought me Danielle LaPorte’s #TruthBomb deck. It’s a collection of awesome little cards that fit perfectly in a note or sit snuggly on top of a desk – doses of inspiration + awesome reminders. I got to thinking about how we can best support each other + how we are stronger together. 

For those of you who know me, community is everything. I strongly believe in the power of community + supporting each other. It means showing up. It means taking a risk on someone who might be starting out. It means helping others who need it. It means trying to include everyone. It means making connections, building bridges + forging new paths.

I love giving #TruthBomb cards to my friends! We all need reminders that we can rock life – that we already have the innate ability to tackle challenges. We just need the courage + the belief to take the steps to move forward.

Who can you reach out to today to remind them how amazing they are? Tell them you notice how much they care, how hard they try + how they are crushing life. Sometimes you need a phenomenal humas to remind you to “Be A *ucking Super Star!” – you know?