Do you Dare to Bare?

Yesterday, I soaked in the sunshine + rode in celebration of self-love. Movemeant Foundation’s Dare to Bare is truly epic. This was my 3rd year participating in the event + it gets more energizing each year. Read my top 3 moments.

1)   Witnessing community. No matter what, we are stronger together. When we join forces, it’s pretty mind-blowing what we can accomplish. Strangers high-fiving, holding hands as we rode + big hugs. If you have an idea, tell a supportive person in your life! They can hold you accountable + journey with you as you walk towards your dreams.

2)   Feeling the body-positive vibes. There were humans all shapes, sizes, colors rockin’ + rollin’ + sweatin’ in just a sports bra. Not long ago, I was completely bald + fighting for my life. I adored my hair + losing it made me feel like an alien. Aside from fighting for my life, I didn’t feel beautiful. Yesterday was amazing, because I felt the positive vibes, the sweat from hard work + no one gave up.

3)   Giving Movemeant founder, Jenny Gaither, a big squeeze! This badass truly energizes all humans that she comes in contact with – spreading her message + sunshine from coast to coast (she used to teach at SoulCyle NYC but moved out to SF a few years ago). Jenny embodies what it means to turn thoughts into action. She’s created a dynamic movement (pun intended!?) with Movemeant. The mission provides scholarships to disadvantaged youth + runs body positive programs in schools.

If you’re still interested in donating to my ride, I'd love your support. Thanks for reading + don’t forget, give yourself a big SQUEEZE today!