My heart is always so happy when a new student walks into my Core Fusion Barre class at exhale.  “You found us!” I squeal, perhaps too eagerly?! New experiences + uncharted terrain can be terrifying – especially in a group fitness setting.  One of my top goals as a teacher is to make everyone feel comfortable – and have fun while working hard. I remind my students that every expert was once a novice…

It is key to release any expectations we may have when trying something new.  My students share their insecurities with me – and I feel honored that they have the courage to open up.  I never take this for granted.  The work we do at exhale is not easy – to gain strength you must have an open mind + heart.  I let students know it’s totally fine to come in/out of positions.  Consistency is so critical + if students are able to come 3+ times a week, they will absolutely see a tangible difference in not only their stamina – but also their bodies + minds.  One of the main reasons why people get hooked on barre is because the method is extremely effective.  A lot of the exercises we do are similar to physical therapy movements.  I’ve taught to a 14 year old, a 25-year old with a spinal fusion + a 80 year old with 2 hip replacements – this work is adaptable to ANYONE. 

Give yourself the gift of trying something new.  Maybe it’s within the exercise space, maybe it’s a new recipe or a new experience.  The possibilities are endless if we open our hearts + let the light shine in.  Who’s with me?