Gather The Energy

In class I’ll often say, “gather the energy from your neighbor”.  We step into each day with varied levels of energy + that’s totally cool. Why? Because it’s real. I often get asked, do you workout every day? Do you always have this much energy? 

The answer is NOPE.

It’s true that I do lead a scheduled life but I need to if I want to maximize my time in the most effective + efficient way.   That said, I firmly believe in rest days – at least 1-2 days per week. Everyone’s body is different so you need to find the right balance of pushing yourself + resting your body so your muscles can recover. I also don’t always have energizer bunny-like energy.  Sleep is super important to me so I do my best to keep an early bedtime which marries well with my early mornings.  There are days that I need to shift a few appointments / meetings around because I simply don’t have the energy to make them all.

The amazing thing about “energy” is that it is quite contagious. Which brings me back to my opening line, “gather the energy from your neighbor”. I adore group exercise classes because you have the opportunity to inspire each other. When you feel like you cannot continue, you do – because you have another rockstar next to you, laying it all out on the line. 

After teaching a class, I often leaving with MORE energy than I left because I had the beautiful privilege of soaking in my student’s drive + determination. So, I encourage you to share your energy.  When you are bursting with it, find someone who may need a bit of a refill.  When you’re depleted, reach out to those who you can count on to give you a boost. 

You make the world go ‘round my friends, let’s make this world shine bright!