Take Action

I give my whole heart + soul into everything I do. I’ve been asked – how do you get all of these different opportunities? The truth is, I take small steps every day. I recall my dad saying something along the lines of “you have to throw a lot of sh*t up against the wall + something will eventually stick.” And that’s exactly what I do. Every day, I wake up unemployed. I take 5 action points each day toward my ultimate goals (which can often change!). Here’s how.

1) Seek. I am always reading up on what’s going on in the industry – events, fundraising + fitness. I specifically search for potential opportunities that excite me + that I’d like to be a part of.  I think, Why not me?  All of my outreach comes from an authentic place. If I truly want to make something happen, I stay patient + understand it can time to build relationships + make awesome things happen.

2) Share. I adore sharing my knowledge. I am a life-long learner + now feel so privileged to be a teacher.  Whether I am in the studio teaching class or training someone 1:1, I try to educate the people I am working with. It’s so important to know the WHY behind what we’re doing + I try my best to inform my rockstar students.  When you are open + share information, most people tend to feel comfortable enough to share back + POOF – there’s a beautiful connection!

3) Be Passionate. I literally light up when I am talking about the projects I’m working on or classes I am teaching.  When you do what sets your soul on fire, people can see that + often want to be a part of whatever you’re up to!

4) Stay Consistent + Fail.

I put coals in the fire every day. Sometimes it’s cold outreach, trying a new class, going to an event or chatting up a stranger. I stay consistent with my efforts in gathering more knowledge + connecting with others.

In terms of failure, I always like to think – what’s the worst that can happen. Someone says “no”? Meh. That’s ok! Remember that Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team + there are LOADS of opportunities out there.  Regardless, you want to ensure you have a good match on both ends.  Sara Blakely,  CEO + founder of SPANX, has a brilliant take on failure.  Watch here.

5) Connect + Follow Up.

I deliver Chi Chi Pulse within the first few days of the month – no matter what.  As I pour hours into thoughtfully crafting the newsletter, I am going to be honest here– I’ve paused + thought, does anyone actually care?  But then I hear feedback from people who devour each section -- and this makes my heart happy! This goes back to #2 - Share. 

When I meet someone new, I like to find a common ground + a reason for me to get their email to stay in touch.  I send a note within less than 24 hours – sometimes connections are formed, others I never hear from the person again!

So, my friends, I encourage you to TAKE ACTION. We have this one beautiful life, let’s live it to its fullest -- each moment, each day, each week, month + year. Cheers to a magical year filled with love, laughter, adventure and, of course, ACTION.