Life can get tough. Sticky. Rocky. Email me your mailing address + I'll send you a card full of sunshine. No questions asked, all love. I got you. I can understand some of the hurdles we experience in life + here's why I think support is so important to healing. 

Simply put, we feel less alone. When we can crack ourselves open to our friends + family, it opens up the path for us to support one another. We are humans who experience the high’s + low’s of life. Surrounding yourself with people who “get it” — no questions ask — are the ones worth investing your time + energy.

When we can share the tough parts of life, we can step in to simply show up for each other. Visits, cards, calls, texts, gifts — and more. These boosts of kindness help us move through life’s challenges. Even when we don’t think possibly anyone can understand — and perhaps they really can’t — our friends + family will be there for us unconditionally, if we let them.

Remember, shoot me a note with your mailing address ( — and a surprise will arrive in your mailbox! Lifting you up.


Last week, I met a new friend in CT, a freelance writer + breast cancer survivor, who -- after a long marriage -- went through a divorce last year. She noticed my MSKCC tattoo + said, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo in the SAME SPOT on my wrist! I asked her, what are you thinking? “A wave” she replied emphatically. And we dove in.

Let’s call my new friend, Susan. Susan told me how life is tough + you have to keep moving forward. Through all the waves – the good + the bad. You simply have to learn how to ride the wave.

This got me thinking about the ability to be flexible + fluid – with all of the curveballs that happen in this life. “Riding the wave” has been such a strong theme for me this year – with my shoulder injury, purchasing our first home, my ectopic pregnancy, mom’s major back surgery + my hubby Russ starting a new job. There have been lots of bumps + transitions. I haven’t been feeling all that grounded – and to be honest, I’ve felt a little lost.

How do I spread my energy + efforts – in both CT + NYC? We are sharing the time at the moment. I want to build business + community up in CT – but also adore my tribe in NYC. It’s difficult for me to envision how my life will look in the future. The event planner in me always wants to have a timeline! I’ve been patiently learning the art of fluidity. Embracing the unknown – with a delicate balance of still putting coals in the fire to keep the goodness flowing.

Currently, I feel like the waves are knocking me down. But nothing beats putting your feet strongly back in the sand + standing back up – stronger than before. Who’s with me? I know Susan is.


 E-Biking + Planking in the French Alps!

E-Biking + Planking in the French Alps!

We were in France cruising down this giant mountain on our e-bikes (before I hopped off for this plank photo!). And I kept talking about how incredible the views were + how blessed we were to be in this moment. A fellow retreat friend, Sandra, squealed with excitement, THIS IS LIFE! Indeed it was.

The time in the Alps was really rejuvenating. Connecting back with nature truly helped my soul. It’s been a tough few months. If you’ve been reading along, you know the story. I’ve been trying to be really patient with my body + mind as they bounce back from our ectopic pregnancy. I find the sadness comes in waves + I’ll randomly find myself crying, unsure of what triggered the tears. There still is this sense of loss, but we are confident we will have a little one someday.

In the meantime, I’ve been soaking up the magic of the summer + enjoying life. The idea of, THIS IS LIFE, reminds me everyday to enjoy the simple pleasures.


Warm hugs.

Fresh coffee.

Joyful smiles.

Ability to move.

Good friends.

Good family.

Lovers of life.

Learning new things.


The list goes on. Traveling encourages me to live in the moment + helps me to immerse myself in my surroundings. I simply adore it. The exploring. The learning. The adventure.

I hope you start this beautiful fall season with the theme, THIS IS LIFE. Savoring the simple pleasure life moments.


As a professional event planner, I truly love to plan! Go figure. Time really slipped away from me this month as I have been trying to stay afloat -- balancing work flow along with life hurdles. So it's 7:27pm in NY, but 1:27am in Paris. But I'm committed to sending this beautiful love note to you all within the first few days of the month. 

In the land of Lauren, surrender + acceptance walk hand-in-hand; like best buds. When challenges arise, those are the true tests of your strength + character. There are some tough dynamics that I cannot control + I truly try to arrive with my two pals; surrender + acceptance. I understand what I can + can't do. What is within my control.

I can control my attitude + actions + positive spirit. Even when I feel like shit; guess what; I pull myself out of it + show up for my community. I adore you all + it's so important for me to provide you with warm hugs + smiles. I hope they help you as much as they help me.

Lifting you up from Paris! Off we go to the French Alps for an epic Active Travel + Simply Luxury retreat with my pal Karen - who I teamed up for my Heart, Soul + Barre retreat last July in Bali.

Je t'aime!

Villanova Women: The Art of Slowing Down - Event Recap!


I started these quarterly events to empower women to have open discussions -- the goal is to have a shared human experience with elements of movement + personal / professional development. I am a firm believer in community + connection -- and when we can come together + be vulnerable, we are stronger together.

So, how the heck do we slow down? In our full-of-goodness world, it can be tough. Last night, beautiful Villanova Women gathered at Sweaty Betty Tribeca in support of this effort. Aileen Axtmayer of Aspire with Aileen + Lori Gildea of The Pure Bag joined me in sharing their stories + insights into how we can integrate self-care into our lives. We kicked off with a Core Blast + Restorative Yoga class then dove into our intimate chat. Post-class, we were fueled by Sweet Nova - delicious + refreshing Smoothie Freezes - + enjoyed 20% off Sweaty Betty's new collection!

 Thank you Sweaty Betty for our matching Power Leggings!

Thank you Sweaty Betty for our matching Power Leggings!

Lori shared how her experience with illness (from bacteria / virus that she picked up at the gym) inspired her to start The Pure Bag - the stylish + germ-resistant way to protect your gear. and you! Using resources + relationships through ICE, the Villanova Business school accelerator, Lori has built her brand + business + launched recently - in March of this year. I love the passion + dedication Lori has poured into her business + The Zip Pocket goes with me everywhere.

As a holistic health + career coach, Aileen spoke about how her brother's fight with Hodgkin's Lymphoma inspired her to take her health + wellness more seriously. She spoke about setting boundaries, understanding your why / defining your values, figuring out life hacks to fit in the experiences that are meaningful for you + finding out what works best for YOU.

What an energizing evening -- I always leave these gatherings feeling motivating + inspired. Thanks for everyone for shining bright + showing up! Raffle prizes were generously provided by Chi Chi Life, Aileen, Lori, LYMBR + Sweaty Betty.

Do you know a NYC-based Villanova Women? Have her sign up here to stay in the loop


Keep Moving Forward.

This year has been pretty tough – shoulder injury, ectopic pregnancy + my mom’s back surgery. The outpouring of support has been so heart warming. I truly don’t know if I could navigate these life hurdles without my community – so thank you for being you. I’ve learned, once again, the importance of moving forward.

There have been so many days – past + current – when I don’t want to face the day. I’ve struggled both body + mind. But I have been keeping the blind faith. I stand so rooted in my belief of consistency. Doing what you can. One foot in front of the other. I keep saying to my mom – step by step. It’s so darm true. During recovery – and in life – we simply take small steps to move forward toward our goals.

I’ve often felt like a fish out of water – flailing + flopping around. I go back to exercise. It lifts me up when I am down. Despite being in worst shape I’ve been in since I started Chi Chi Life – I am trying to be kind to myself. I’ve always been extremely hard on myself + I’ve gotten better over the years. I remind myself of what I can control. I choose my outlook + my actions – not the situations / moments that happen. And I choose positivity + being of service to others.

Even when I’m in the depths of life hurdles, I strongly believe that it’s important to keep moving forward. I have a deep drive to squeeze the juice out of life. Each day is a gift + we can choose to focus on gratitude. There is always something going on in our days + lives that we can be grateful for.

Right before bed, Russ + I ask each other what we are grateful for? We share tiny + giant moments. We set the tone for sleep on a high from the day -- and the commitment to keep moving forward. How do you move forward each day?

Young Adult Cancer Survivor Resources

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in December 2007. I received 6 months of chemotherapy, was in remission for 6 months, relapsed + received a Stem Cell Transplant in April 2009. For more on my story, check out this Health Magazine article. I've been working with patients + their families for 10 years. I love sharing this awesome list of resources; I hope you find them helpful. Email me with questions or additions, :)

Support - 1:1, Group, Social Work

Imerman Angels / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Patient + Caregiver Support Program / Gilda's Club (NYC) / Cancer Care / Lacuna Loft

YA Cancer Networks

Stupid Cancer / Annual OMG Summit / Livestrong

"Cancer Camps" - FREE!

First Descents / Athletes 4 Cancer

Inspiring Cancer Thrivers

Boundless by Kara / Woody Roseland / Suleika Jaouad / Ethan Zohn / Rach DiMare / Ali Shapiro

Thoughtful Gifts

Because Love / Vented in Brooklyn (Save 15% w/Code: CHICNYC15) / Beyond Boundaries Outfitters



We were pregnant + then we weren't. I had an ectopic pregnancy + on MON 5/14/18 I had emergency surgery to remove our wandering soul 💛
An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, in my case — the fallopian tube. Less than 1-2% of pregnancies are ectopic + they're quite dangerous. I only knew about it through the fierce @jenpastiloff — she had one several years ago. I admire her bravery in sharing her story. I felt less alone knowing someone else had gone through this. That's my hope in sharing with you, my sweet + supportive community✨
Holding hands with my love @rscmika has been my savior. It reminds me —
I am loved.
I am safe.
I am strong.
I am courageous.
I am alive.
We will get through this.
Hour by hour.
Day by day.
We will carry our little wandering soul in our hearts always + forever ❤

Be A *ucking Super Star!

A few years ago, my friend bought me Danielle LaPorte’s #TruthBomb deck. It’s a collection of awesome little cards that fit perfectly in a note or sit snuggly on top of a desk – doses of inspiration + awesome reminders. I got to thinking about how we can best support each other + how we are stronger together. 

For those of you who know me, community is everything. I strongly believe in the power of community + supporting each other. It means showing up. It means taking a risk on someone who might be starting out. It means helping others who need it. It means trying to include everyone. It means making connections, building bridges + forging new paths.

I love giving #TruthBomb cards to my friends! We all need reminders that we can rock life – that we already have the innate ability to tackle challenges. We just need the courage + the belief to take the steps to move forward.

Who can you reach out to today to remind them how amazing they are? Tell them you notice how much they care, how hard they try + how they are crushing life. Sometimes you need a phenomenal humas to remind you to “Be A *ucking Super Star!” – you know?




I often reflect on obstacles that hold us back from what we really want. Our goals, aspirations + dreams. How do we make the magic happen? Sure, there are outside realities that need to be considered — but it really comes down to YOU vs. YOU. 

I don’t know about you, but I have frequent conversations with myself.  I try to rationalize, analyze + figure out the game plan of my business + life. This self-talk can often hold us back from what we’re really looking to achieve.

Here are a few my internal narratives + how I choose to move forward—

  1. What if I fail? There's always the fear of failure. Always. It really doesn't go away. What fuels me is the feeling of regret. How I will feel if I DO NOT take the chance / new opportunity / risk. I make an active choice to push past the resistance - which isn't easy.
  2. Is this what I "should" be doing? Oh man, this one is a doozy. "Should" held me back for a long time. I still trip over it from time to time + what a deep practice it is to push through the "should". I try to sit with my decisions + listen what my gut is telling me. Usually, I can tell pretty quickly if something is the best fit for me.
  3. What will people think? At the end of the day, you're the one living your life. You're in the driver's seat. My dad once told me, "when you close the door at night, you're the one that has to live with your decisions" -- and that is so damn true. Only YOU have the power to choose how to live your life. Surround yourself with people who celebrate you!

YOU VS. YOU is a dance. I encourage you to talk with your friends + family about what you feel is holding you back. When we bottle up our feelings + emotions, we can start to feel pretty isolated. In our super connected world, our vulnerability can truly help each other -- and ourselves. 


International Women's Day - Playlists!

Lauren Chiarello PIlates - Tatiana Katkova.jpg

Tune into these playlists -- featuring rockstar female singers + songwriters! Cheers to strength + empowering women all over the world today, and everyday!

Here's my playlist for my TRX/Pilates 30/30 class.

Here's my playlist for my Pilates class.

Here's my playlist of everything that I couldn't fit into 2 hours of classes - hint, there's A LOT of goodness!

What / Who are your favorites? Did I miss anything? Comment below!

Take the Risk.

Chi Chi Life celebrated 3 years last month. GIDDYUP! And over these years, I’ve taken many risks. Some have worked out. Some flopped.  I firmly believe in the power of taking risks – that leap of faith. You know, when your heart starts to beat faster – and you start to doubt your decision. This is why I think it’s all worth it.

1)   You grow. If you didn’t take a chance, you wouldn’t have the chance to grow. I never feel like any new risk or leap of faith is a waste. I use it as a building block to my next challenge.

2)   You learn. Each experience teaches me valuable lessons. Sometimes the nuggets of wisdom are more obvious than others. Nonetheless, I approach each phase of my business (+ life!) with an open mind + heart.

3)   You ignite change. When you take risks – it can be infectious. One of my hopes with Chi Chi Life is to inspire others to live their best lives. Life is tough – and when we can be vulnerable + share, I believe we can help each other.

What was the last risk you took? How’d it work out?

Less But Better.

I’m in the depths of reading a pretty life-changing book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It’s all about the philosophy of “less but better”. Which goes against the grain a bit. We think we can do it all. We’re pretty conditioned to think more is better. More clients. More events. More classes. More money. This will all lead to more success. More of nearly anything will make us the happiest, right? After reading even the first few chapters, I realize I’ve been sorely mistaken.

There are 4 clear parts to this book.

  • Part 1: Essence, what is the core mid-set of an essentialist?
    • To kick off, the author talks through the power of choice, the unimportance of practically everything + examining trade-offs.
  • Part 2: Explore, how can we discern the trivial many from the vital few?
    • Now we’re in it. McKeown discusses the perks of being unavailable, assessing what really matters, the importance of play + sleep and finally, the power of extreme criteria.
  • Part 3: Eliminate, how can we cut out the trivial many?
    • We then cull through the non-essentials. The author shares the power of clarity + a graceful “no”. He goes on to highlight the benefits of uncommitting + setting boundaries.
  • Part 4: Execute, how can we make doing the vital few things almost effortless?
    • Here’s the time to take action. McKeown talks about removing obstacles, the power of small wins + the genius of routine. Focusing on what’s important now is vital.

Overall, the takeaway is that Essentialism is a lifestyle – and it takes work and oodles of mindful choices to sustain the philosophy. But here’s the good news – there are loads of benefits including improved clarity + added joy in the journey of LIFE!

This is going to be a big theme for me + Chi Chi Life as I ease into 2018. What are your intentions / goals / hopes / dreams for 2018? I can't wait to hear!

Build Community

One of my favorite parts of teaching is building community. I truly adore meeting new people – I revel in their stories, I love to hear what everyone is up to + what lights their soul on fire! Since nearly the beginning, I’ve been involved with Cycle for Survival – either as an employee at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center or as a participant. In 2018, I’m leading another rockstar Chi Chi Life team. Here are my top 3 reasons why I’d love you to join my team.

1)   You’ll have a blast, belly laugh, + sweat oodles!

2)   You’ll raise funds for life-saving research at MSKCC – a place where many clinical trials are developed + then used around the world.

3)   You’ll rock out on a spin bike with ~100 new friends!

Email me if you’re interested in learning more! :)

Cycle for Survival - Team Chi Chi Life 2017.jpg

The Science of Healthy Living

Super fun to be featured by Elysium Health on this beautiful infographic -- talking about the metabolism and the science of healthy living.

The graphic focuses on the small things that we can do daily that result in a longterm gain. While my specific tip focuses on the importance of always having a healthy snack on hand (you never know when hunger will strike!), I have a couple other tips for you --

  • FIND WHAT EXCITES YOU! First, you have to find what excites you! You’ll be more inclined to exercise if you find a method that you’re super jazzed about. Studios / gyms often have intro rates if you’re looking to try out classes. There are oodles of choices: Barre, Pilates, Running, Yoga, Zumba, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Kickboxing, TRX, Spinning and more.
  • CREATE A SCHEDULE! Once you find your workout of choice, create a schedule. Every Sunday night, plan your workouts to hold yourself accountable and keep consistency. If you’re taking a group class, ask a friend if they’d like to join you because we’re always #bettertogther.

Now that you're on track to a healthy and happy life, it can be helpful to take some time to learn about how your body works. Why does your body react a certain way to different workouts? What can you do to improve your recovery? In addition to offering up personal tips, the graphic below also examines some of these questions on a cellular level and is a great place to start reading up. If you're in the mood to explore further, head over to this page to learn more about cellular health and things like metabolism, NAD+, and aging.


Do you Dare to Bare?

Yesterday, I soaked in the sunshine + rode in celebration of self-love. Movemeant Foundation’s Dare to Bare is truly epic. This was my 3rd year participating in the event + it gets more energizing each year. Read my top 3 moments.

1)   Witnessing community. No matter what, we are stronger together. When we join forces, it’s pretty mind-blowing what we can accomplish. Strangers high-fiving, holding hands as we rode + big hugs. If you have an idea, tell a supportive person in your life! They can hold you accountable + journey with you as you walk towards your dreams.

2)   Feeling the body-positive vibes. There were humans all shapes, sizes, colors rockin’ + rollin’ + sweatin’ in just a sports bra. Not long ago, I was completely bald + fighting for my life. I adored my hair + losing it made me feel like an alien. Aside from fighting for my life, I didn’t feel beautiful. Yesterday was amazing, because I felt the positive vibes, the sweat from hard work + no one gave up.

3)   Giving Movemeant founder, Jenny Gaither, a big squeeze! This badass truly energizes all humans that she comes in contact with – spreading her message + sunshine from coast to coast (she used to teach at SoulCyle NYC but moved out to SF a few years ago). Jenny embodies what it means to turn thoughts into action. She’s created a dynamic movement (pun intended!?) with Movemeant. The mission provides scholarships to disadvantaged youth + runs body positive programs in schools.

If you’re still interested in donating to my ride, I'd love your support. Thanks for reading + don’t forget, give yourself a big SQUEEZE today!


You Can’t Do It All.

I say this to myself + others all the time but for the past 6 months, I haven’t really been abiding by this sage advice. I want to do it all. Plain + simple. I want to help everyone, be supportive to everyone + soak in the magic of life (i.e. show up for celebrations, mail birthday cards, send good luck reminder texts, connect with new students, go to concerts, visit people in the hospital, hold everyone’s babies, meet with fellow cancer thrivers + more). I want to scoop up every opportunity to be successful in my business – both with experiences + financially.  Since starting Chi Chi Life in January 2015, time management has always been an issue. And I’m finally learning it’s not possible to do it all. Here are my struggles + how I plan to get back on track.


Issue: Many days, I teach anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours. I’m leading rockstars in the studios at exhale + Flex Studios, I train people one-on-one + I guide employees in a corporate environment to move + groove. Lately, I haven’t been able to exercise very much at all. Instead of my 1-2 rest days/week, it’s more like I am exercising 1-2 days/week. It’s not good for my body + mind + I’ve been super down about it.

Solution: Reduce my hours of teaching + carve out more time to ensure I am getting some sort of exercise in. Find creative solutions to squeeze in movement – maybe it’s a quick run to /from one of my appointments.


Issue: I’ve been pretty lax with my diet this summer. I haven’t made the best choices consistently + I rationalized them (the worst!). There’s been a good amount of ice cream, candy + other treats – and in turn weight gain. I haven’t been planning my meals + often find myself grabbing something quick or just not eating all that much – which leaves me depleted + with low energy to navigate my days.

Solution: Food is fuel. Dedicate time to shop on the same day each week + plan (most) meals so I have yummy, healthy food easily accessible to me + Russ.


Issue: Simply put, I am overwhelmed with my current commitments so much that I do not feel like I am nailing any of them. I feel like I can’t get ahead. Though I am never unprepared, I find myself scrambling to get organized before next appointment.

Solution: Take an assessment of how I spent my time + energy. See what commitments excite me + remove those that don’t. Build in more prep time into my days to avoid the scramble.

=== The Takeaway: Life is certainly not easy but I believe in supporting each other through shared experiences. What have you been struggling with lately? Comment here + let’s help each other!

With heart,


Learn Always.

 Sunrise Volcano Climb: Mt. Batur - Bali, Indonesia

Sunrise Volcano Climb: Mt. Batur - Bali, Indonesia

Last month, I squeezed the JUICE out of LIFE exploring Asia for 2+ weeks. When I sent an email inquiry to Karen at Sharing Bali, we both took a leap of faith. I dreamt of visiting Bali since I was 16 + I was ready to make visiting a reality - in the form of Heart, Soul + Barre: an adventure, culture + fitness retreat. On June 29, seven of us boarded a plane to discover the tiny village of Singaprang to experience "simple luxury" at this magical place! There are truly no words to describe our week together but I'll try my best by sharing my top 9 lessons.

  1. Welcome Others. Upon arrival into the tiny 95-family village of Singaprang, we were instantly accepted + immersed in village life. We moved right into our beautiful bungalows with the sounds of nature serenading us to sleep every night. The bungalows were designed + crafted by Karen's partner, Wayan.
  2. Live Close to the Moment. Though we had a schedule, Karen shared that that the planning for our Community Day wasn't really possible until a few days before. Imagine how the event planner in me felt - lol. But that's just how it works in their small village - Bali time!
  3. Keep Your Faith. Hinduism is the main religion + the homes are actually family compounds with temples - the cultural nuances showed me that there are so many ways to live this beautiful life.
  4. Teach + Learn. We were super fortunate to have local guides who were genuinely energized to teach us + laugh with us. I'm a life-long learner who is a forever sponge, soaking up all the new knowledge.
  5. Smile + Laugh. During our visit to a family compound, our guide spoke about how the Balinese are always smiling because they believe it spreads good karma. And I completely agree. When our group rafted on the river, we had deep belly laughs as we jumped up + down underneath the strength of the cascading water. Felt so alive!
  6. Build Community. I had the beautiful honor of leading a Strength + Stretch class to 75 women who work in the fields. To my surprise, it actually didn't matter that our languages were different, we connected through movement + laughter -- many of the women hadn't ever tried / seen the exercises + stretches!
  7. Eat Clean. Every single one of our meals were prepared with care + heart from in-season, local ingredients - mostly rice, fruits, veggies + nuts. The dragonfruit juice, corn fritters + coconut sambla were standouts.
  8. Think Creatively. We had an outdoor bamboo gym so I wanted to make the workouts super fun! Some classes included a Partner Coconut Toss, Coconut Burpees, Balance Beam Tricep Dips + Bamboo Rings = TRX goodness!
  9. Disconnect. There was no wifi at Sharing Bali, which I decided to carry into most of our time at Vietnam. It felt really good to revel in the present moment.

Keep learning - it's one of the main ways we can stay connected + shine bright together.


As you read this, I am in the midst of leading my first-ever fitness + adventure retreat – Heart, Soul + Barre in Indonesia at Sharing Bali. It feels surreal. I saw a travel show when I was 16, I’ve dreamt about traveling to this amazing island ever since. Here’s how this all came to be.

In September 2015, I stumbled across Sharing Bali on social media. Someone was leading a “Bali Barre” retreat. How fun, I thought! I’d love to do something similar. A bit of doubt started to creep in. I hadn’t been teaching very long, I had never done something like this + I had never been to Asia. Let alone, caravan a group sheer across the world.

I signed up for Karen’s newsletter + about 6 months later these same pieces of doubt were what encouraged me to write to Karen, the owner of Sharing Bali. Here’s an excerpt of her email back to me:

Wow you are one very inspiring lady, Lauren.

First off, my apologies for taking so long to reply, but as I live in a small village my internet power is somewhat intermittent and I wanted to wait until I could open all of your links and take the time to fully understand this amazing life you are living. I will confess that I still haven't been able to open all links as I haven't been into the town for a few days and it happens to be a period of woeful internet connectivity right now. But reading your email gives me a great start. Thank you.

Karen’s email went on to talk about how she partners with trainers/coaches/leaders to co-create each retreat. One of my favorite things about my first interaction with Karen was that she’s authentic. I loved how she immediately painted a picture of how her life is in Bali + how curious she was to learn about mine.

We continued over email, then Skype + countless more emails until Heart, Soul + Barre was created! What makes my heart so happy is that we were able to craft a stretch of days that combine fitness, adventure, culture + community service. A portion of the retreat fee is supporting the Bumi Sehat Foundation International – their mission is to reduce maternal + child morbidity + mortality + to support the health + wise development of communities.*

Giving back is ingrained in all that I do + I was overjoyed that Karen was so receptive to the idea.  She wrote: My first thought is that we could set up a Retreat that supports your fund raising efforts. This would give the retreat even more purpose.

More purpose. Exactly! Even though Karen + I had only one email exchange, I knew we were going to create something magical.  Karen understood; she took the time to read through my email carefully + responded with thought + a lot of heart. NEAT FACT! We are the first group of Americans traveling to this property!

There’s a group of 7 of us here + I can wait to see where this next week takes us. I am already in love as I listen to the birds + the waves sitting outside of my bungalow on the beach in Legian. 


*Toward this goal, Bumi Sehat provides general health services, emergency care, prenatal, postpartum + birth services + breastfeeding support; in addition, healthcare + youth education, environmental + disaster relief programs. If you're interested in learning more about Bumi Sehat's mission + donating, visit their website.